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The Ultimate Gloryhole Cumsluts Compilation

Aggiunto da 7 giorni fa

Creampie and Swallow Edition.

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silvestre_111259 1 giorni fa
Super hot
LastChieftain 1 giorni fa
Yeah, it was pretty erotic. As you'll find from couples who've done it is the same description of it's intensity, which in turn comes from the anonymity of being in the video booth servicing the many men on the other side of the gloryhole, only to be heightened by the smell of testosterone in the air from the constant ejaculating customers at the adult bookstore. Mind you, they want to remain anonymous too. If the dudes to gross, unwashed, or remotely disrespectful, my wife would say so "Not interested" so someone else could take a turn in the booth. I'm a big guy, trained in martial arts, and only once had to educate a guy who crossed a line. I didn't hit him but I'm sure he almost crapped his pants. Other then that we had a good time and you know what? We did it in the early to mid-90s, imagine my surprise finding as video cameras got cheaper and smaller I found that it wasn't just me and my wife who did it but it has a whole underground following
(wink wink)
in risposta a jerryr62 (Mosta i commenti)
jerryr62 1 giorni fa
love that thanx
in risposta a LastChieftain (Mosta i commenti)
Thicker9 1 giorni fa
Gloryholes r for sucking cock (I should know) if u want to fuck get a motel !!!!!!!!
lovehomeporn 1 giorni fa
Anal-Milf 4 giorni fa
I love it in my ass
dutchcouple1999 4 giorni fa
glad you like it ;)
in risposta a rbaker2013 (Mosta i commenti)
rbaker2013 4 giorni fa
This is one of the most depraved videos on XH. Thanks for posting!
hotwheels25 4 giorni fa
The gloryhole at the 58-60 minute mark looks like Truckers World in Gary, IN. Been there a couple of times.....wish I could've run into you there.
faurent 5 giorni fa
rbaker2013 5 giorni fa
Wow - such similar memories. Where we live now there are no glory holes we know of, but my wife and I went a couple of times a month when we lived in Florida and I would watch her take on cock after cock...
in risposta a LastChieftain (Mosta i commenti)
rbaker2013 5 giorni fa
10 Stars
Thanks for a GREAT post
devnul 6 giorni fa
great job to make (or repost?) that compilation!
UfoTestPilot 6 giorni fa
Nice creampir
TheCrow23 6 giorni fa
Great comp.
guidoftw 6 giorni fa
great cumpilation ! I would eat these creampies !
Melbourne317 6 giorni fa
many thanks, great compilation.
Machine111 6 giorni fa
new most favorite vid :P
triop 7 giorni fa
Excellent compilation. Some great fucking and sucking in here. Brilliant post.
eaglefree 7 giorni fa
That's why I love glory holes.
Fredlake 7 giorni fa
dcbbcbull 7 giorni fa
Great clip, with a few classics
zebulooo 7 giorni fa
nettoyeur de glory, ça me convient bien, ça.... :-)
cenflbear 7 giorni fa
Great Cumpilation!
Gifsin 7 giorni fa
nasty bitches need luv 2
LastChieftain 7 giorni fa
Brings back memories. Me and my ex-wife were both bartenders back in the '90s and many times we'd go to the adult bookstore around 5:30AM and fool around in the video booth gloryholes. That early in the morning it was mostly married men sneaking in for a quick bj before work so we had quite a few encounters and usually stayed, my wife sucking and fucking one after another until around noon or so. It was such a turn on to see a wedding ring on the hand reaching thru the gloryhole to finger her pussy. I especially got hot watching a strangers dick sliding in and out of her pussy hearing him moaning as he came in her. It was so much fun!
knkybitxmn692 7 giorni fa
I want to suck her cunt clean
nelsonbill 7 giorni fa
LOVE gloryhole action. Only had one actual woman the whole time. I cream pied her while her husband, who was in the same both, encouraged me. She was a little chubby BUT had a tight pussy. He clean her up after I came in her. 
ZweiMeterMann 7 giorni fa
great vid!
berrybullseye 7 giorni fa
Mooi cumpilatie!
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