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M A D 1 98%

M A D  1
Published by zalewski78m
10 mesi fa
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KingKnobaKimbo 7 mesi fa
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lidyanti 9 mesi fa
3. Teachable years  We learn more in our youth than in any other period of life. That’s true in all subjects, but especially true in religious instruction. All the Christians I’ve met who were converted to Christ late in life have expressed huge regrets about how little they know and how little they can now learn. I encourage them to value and use whatever time the Lord gives them, but they often feel they have to study twice as hard to learn half as well.
4. Dangerous years Young years are minefield years: hormones, peer pressure, alcohol, drugs, pornography, immorality, testosterone, etc. Few navigate these years without blowing up here and there. Dangers abound on every side – and on the inside. How many “first” temptations become “last” temptations! How much we need our Creator to keep us and carry us through this battlefield.
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lidyanti 9 mesi fa
4 Reasons to Remember Your Creator in Your Youth: 1) Energetic Years. Why wait until we are pegging out, until we are running down, until our gas is almost empty, before serving our Creator? The God who made us deserves our most active and healthy years: our bodies are strong and muscular (well kind of), our minds are sharp and clear, our senses are receptive and keen and sensitive, our enthusiasm is bright and bushy, our wills are steely and determined. Remember Him in your energetic years. 2) 2. Sensitive years
Why do far more of us become Christians in our youth than in our middle or old age? It’s because youthful years are sensitive years. Without giving up our belief in “Total Depravity” we can say that it’s “easier” to believe and repent when we are younger. It’s never easy, but it’s easier. And it’s easier because as we get older our heart is hardened thicker, our conscience is seared number, our sins root deeper, our deadness becomes deader.  Let’s use our youthful sensitivity and receptivity to remember our Creator before the evil days of callous indifference set in.
Fahrsklave 10 mesi fa
Good old Party Hardcore...
jgonzales0414 10 mesi fa
HRHitter 10 mesi fa
tynawww788 is a spammer who climbed out of the slime
marcinvelmarcin 10 mesi fa
Fajna imprezka, ale to bardziej Czeska niż Polska