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Storie di sesso per cellulari gratis

Evil Auntie Marlette
Aunt Marlette sighed and smiled, it had been a long exciting day. She had just turned 64-years old and was happy how the birthday dinner with her only nephew, Ryan, turned out. She got up from the cou...
Deep Throat Prove IT!
I had always wished Lori would fulfill my fantasy and deepthroat me during oral sex. Lori, my wife of four years, is a stunner. At 5 feet and 7 inches tall, she has oversized breasts and the ass and l...
My wife has been enjoying black cock since 1995 but she has really blossomed into a true black cock slut over the past couple of years. This past weekend was a great exa...
Getting along with a co-worker
Lacey, a former co-worker, was the object of my effect. She was a cute looking, if not stunning, blond. She was about five feet, four inches tall, and weighted close to 110 pounds. She was also the s...
Summer Morning Strangers
She woke up to a warm summer morning – the whistle of someone cutting grass accompanied the birdsong outside. She had pushed the quilt off of her in the night to cool her skin, and as she stretched an...
My Piano Classmate Later GF
first of all the story is much manipulated compared what really happened but that is to make a better scenario for an erotic story on a porn site and impress the reader's imagination, alot of things d...
mrs watson punishes
I stepped out of the shower as i was alone i didn't bother with a towel just walked out of the bathroom headed
to my bedroom , i thought i heard a noise outside so paused and glanced out the window i...
mrs watson has some fun
this story follows on from mrs watson punishes
i really enjoyed humiliating tom and jack so it got me thinking what else i could do i never thought of myself as
a dominant person before but when th...
I had a dream of my wife getting a massage from an
Feb 22, 2017
I had a very vivid dream last night. My wife was getting a massage from an older man, and had her pussy exposed to him. In the last few years, I've been thinking about my wife being se...
Summer of Cougars 1
I grew up in a small town. Raised by a single mother I always appreciated older women. Especially my moms best friend Judy. Judy and my mom were the same age but vastly different body types. I alw...
Summer job
It was summer brake and I wanted to make some money to get a motorcycle.
I went to the store and looked at the bulletin board for work. Painters and carpenters wanted mostly.
Then at the bottom...
A fantasy about MM....outdoors under the warm sun
SBB was a husky big bear in 50s...married and bi....masculine guy who learned in his 30s that you could have as much fun with a buddy as you could with a hot busty gal. He liked husky beefy guys tha...
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