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Trying Threesomes part 2
Over the course of the next four or five months we had threesomes with some of the other guys we had been in touch with. A couple times a guy would call and ask her to see him with out me there. We ta...
Hey Champ
I went to my friends house, he has a swimming pool in his back yard and a really hot sister that I have had a crush for some time now. I have been hoping to make her my first fuck. So on this day I we...
I’ll Hold The Ladder
Fbailey story
I’ll Hold The Ladder
Mom wanted to put up the Christmas lights around the roof before Thanksgiving like we did when Dad was still alive. We had hardly had any cold weather let...
Melanie's night out
Melanie was happily married to Matthew where she recently gave birth to their first c***d, a son. She was on maternity leave from her job as an architect where she enjoyed being at home spending some ...
Taken at Home...continues
Panting on top of me Charlie laid there as his dick shot copious amounts of his slimy male substance into my anus. I held on to Charlie as if I was a horny bitch that had just been slut fucked by her ...
Mary's story Part 2
The car did not go far, just to the Town Centre. As it pulled up at traffic lights, Mary tried to pull her coat round her legs to cover herself in case anyone could see her from the pavement. “Leave i...
Mrs. Honey
This story is graphic because it is true.
"Are you ready for this, Mrs. Honey?" Professor Vanessa Barnes asked, with barely concealed excitement.
"Y'all know I just come off a double-overtime sh...
I love sharing my wife if you have read our previous stories you know how i feel. I have discussed it with Diane about a 3 some with another man but she was happy with our fuck buddies and didnt want ...
Business Trip
“Would be nice to sit on a boat with your wife and see my wife’s ass shaking out in the water snorkeling and know you were out there trying to get a peek of her goodies,” was what I told Mike. He chuc...
Good girl gone bad
Anna liked to consider herself a good girl. But there was nothing that got her hornier than a good bowl. Packed to the brim with sparkling weed, the body high always went straight to her pussy. And wh...
Tales from Mondale – Dan and Karen. Part Five.
Part 5 of this ongoing tale. Again, the story is not for “fap” readers. Sorry. The story will cross various categories and, for the most part, is written in UK English. Sex tales are not my usual writ...
A Cheerleader's Mum
I picked up my newly turned 18-year-old daughter Ashleigh late one day from cheerleading practice. It was the first week, and apparently, they had been working the girls hard. As we drove home, she co...
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