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Storie di sesso gratuite

Prostitute Stories: Short Stories
One Pump Chump

This was a super easy pick up. I’m driving downtown near the government buildings, usually nobody here at night and it’s very far away from any of the regular tracks. Nonetheles...
Our Searc for A Nubie Sub Female
After our return from Hedonism we were discussing a Nubie sub female to be a live in with us. We put several posts out on various sites we also put an ad on Craigslist. Ad read young 18-21 bi female l...
Meri Bdsm Fantasy meri Biwi ne puri ki
Meri BDSM Ki Fantasy, Wife Ne Puri Ki
(By Manish}
am Manish (liked to be called as Manisha). This sex story is all about how my naughty and kinky fantasies were f...
Parking Lot
Today was unlike any other day. I just got off work and decided to stop for a quick snack and parked behind the restaurant not to have someone scratch my car. I locked my doors and noticed a white pan...
The Conference
Plane late, I enter the crowded conference room flustered, you catch my eye, guide me over to the lectern, I set up my computer, you gesture for me to begin.
After a fumbling start, I get into my str...
Mommy? What do you do?
I found out two weeks ago that my mom is a whore. I don’t mean she sleeps around. I mean she does it for money with men. If they are in a motel nearby, mom gets in the car and drives there, texts when...
First Time I'am His Bitch Now Gay
"So, what made you decide to post your ad online tonight?" he asked as I we walked down the hall of my apartment building.
"I don't know," I replied. "I guess I am just really horny and wanted to try...
An erotic anal fantasy of mine
This was actually a craigslist post I just put online looking for men to indulge me in my overpowering lust to take bareback anal from men and to lick and rim men's assholes. I'm becoming more exotic,...
My 2nd time with a transexual Escort
It had been a year since Isabella had ripped my anal virginity from me (see my rough treatment story) and life had gone on as usual. I was still in a relationship with the same girl and had continued ...
I was coming home from the sex club one morning it was around 3am and like most times before I had not put my cloths over my outfit just went inside in my garter belt nylons and whatever I had worn th...
When I got divorced and was finally living alone I had many fun times getting fucked all I could by both men and women. I was always dressed when home and loved to stay that way all weekend long and w...
my closest friend and my sister - pt3
hey everybody, this is the third part of the story
the relationship between Alice and Nora has been widely grown enough to he cancels hangin up
i feel sad about him, and how this point changed our fri...
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