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Leda 3 Dommes Caning Male Slave

Aggiunto da 4 anni fa
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atropa 7 mesi fa
Three very spankable female butts.
Someone50 1 anno fa
Great vid to erotic HOT
the 3 ladys should wear higher heels, much better
meekboy2015 1 anno fa
i'd be happy just to have the tall lady thrash me, better still over her lap when she is wearing a tight short everyday dress.
jppy 2 anni fa
Super submission to 3 women!!!! Wud like to be in his place
subhracka 2 anni fa
I agree, and I love him
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subhracka 2 anni fa
God I want this experience !!!
vital99 2 anni fa
Serious business when they take their panties and bras off, and then they al take turns at giving him a good trashing, but a bit to short ,another 10 minutes with even harder hits would be better.
merciless2 2 anni fa
Agree with all the others, totally fake! This would have been really horny if the cane had torn the slave's arse open with blood running down his legs & given the two other mistresses something really erotic to pleasure their fannies & tits to orgasm with.
trotterhorse 3 anni fa
The undressing was hot! That scene said it all! "GAME ON!!"
Chrs_Straight 3 anni fa
Jacqqu has the best body in the world. She's caning this guy and he doesn't even get to look at her.
-slave- 3 anni fa
I love this clip
gorgonox131 3 anni fa
Absoloutely fabulous bare butt flogging,but I must say the girl doing most of the work with the cane ,should of in my opinion layed those strokes on much slower to bared butt and much much harder to prolong the pain and humiliation ,with my pitiful sub males I always use the one stroke to every 10 second rule !
gorgonox131 3 anni fa
Fabulous caning,I would have liked to have seen the birch rod used by the big girl on this pitiful cissys bare arse.
HOT women! Great views! Great caning!
mike108 3 anni fa
My god! I believe this originated with the late Ed Lee! And there is Julia Jameson! Hi, Julia! Over-acting as usual!
severinson 4 anni fa
Like this:
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severinson 4 anni fa
Ladies, please, put some wrist into it!
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KnickersBest 4 anni fa
lovely GIRLS but the whole things a fake, the guys isn't taking hardly any punishment
p1r1 4 anni fa
paula3210 4 anni fa
fake shit but nice ladies
1rankku 4 anni fa
nice spanking session. the chair is a fantastic time. I would like to have a similar bound
gorgonox131 4 anni fa
why are these ladies stripping down to bared butt when the whole object is to thrash the living daylights out of the restrained male sub if I had have been involved in the caning he would of been thrashed to within one inch of his life due to the severe caning of 50 hard cane strokes and thats being lnient with him!
coldgate 4 anni fa
Agree this is a fake and a poor fake at that. The cane is just laid across him with sound of the cane in the air added to the soundtrack afterwards. No marks. Leda have done some excellent videos, this just spoils their repuation.
mickaljon 4 anni fa
lovely girls but the whole thing is a FAKE
lecoultre 4 anni fa
These three women are irresistible - their sexuality is so strong. Proof positive bigger girls are just more
paula3210 4 anni fa
lesh4321 4 anni fa
That´s my dream !
Helen59 4 anni fa
Superb, keep it up.
lecoultre 4 anni fa
three reasons to worship women
gorgonox131 4 anni fa
wow ,thats some lucky guy,love to be restrained & strapped down tight over that frame,and punished by those 3,great ,just awesome.
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